About Jimmy

The Jimmy manifesto is simple: to find better ways to do business analysis by doing it, and helping others to do it, too.

Business analysis creates clarity from the ambiguity, identifies dependencies and impacts, builds shared understanding and helps businesses make informed decisions.

But, business analysis should not be a dark art practised by a few. Instead, BA methods can (and should) be used by everyone to make better decisions—whether you’re a developer bootstrapping your startup, a member of a delivery team, or a head-honcho in a large enterprise.

And that’s what Jimmy was created to do: help you to do great things with business analysis! 🔥

About Hannah (founder)

Hannah has naturally curly hair and a big smile.

Hannah discovered the BA role after meeting one in the office kitchen while working as a customer service representative in a call centre. It was love at first sight 😍.

Shortly after, she talked her way into a secondment on the internal agile software development team as a junior BA and has been a business analyst ever since. She now contracts as a senior BA, on complex (and usually agile) projects, and remains endlessly enthusiastic about using business analysis, and agile methodologies, to help solve tough problems.

You can connect with Hannah on Linkedin, and she’s most likely to respond to messages from our contact page!

Jimmy Consulting

We call ourselves Jimmy because it is a word that can be used to mean a tool (a crowbar), as well as the use of that tool to achieve some end goal (you know, to jimmy something open).

Business analysis is similar: it is both the tools and methods of the trade, as well as actually using them, that gets stuff done.

Also—like business analysis—it makes us smile. We think that’s pretty important too.