Jimmy thinks

We spend a lot of time doing, and thinking about business analysis. And sometimes we write down what we think! Here’s what we’ve been thinking about lately.

Feedback welcome! Do reach out if you have any feedback or questions. Views are all our own.

Down the systems thinking rabbit hole!

The performance of any system is more about how the different parts work together, then it is about how one part performs.

If true, to positively effect the system, we need to understand how business analysts impact it.

BA as team infrastructure!

Infrastructure is the things in the background that make things work like plumbing, roading systems, or traffic lights. And infrastructure for teams? Information!

The missing business analysts!

Business analysts are great and do rather a lot of helpful things!

Yet, for some reason BAs are usually relegated to lower-tier positions within organisations and on projects, and I’ve been doing some thinking on why that is…

The un-Jimmy methods!

There are many techniques and tools that can help you to be more BAweome™. Here’re my guide to some of the best resources online—tools and techniques that I use regularly and rate highly, but which don’t make appearances as a Jimmy Methods.

I think of them as the Un-Jimmy Methods!