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The full Jimmy methods explainer
Each Jimmy Method includes an example
<p>A graphic illustration of a card with the title, “Method”.</p>

A Jimmy Method is a guide to a BA tool. It is concise and contains everything you need to know to get started, or hone your approach. Use them as a memory aid, or as a complete set of instructions if you’re new to the game! Each method has the following:


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words!
  2. So first you get an annotated diagram which shows you all the elements involved in the method.
  3. Each element is labeled, has a description, and explained.

What it is

This is the extremely quick overview of the method focusing on the what and why. Basically the Jimmy answer to the question “what is this?”

When to use it

Key points in time when this method is most helpful (or has been most helpful in our experience).

How to use it

Step by step instructions on how to actually do the method. The method part of the Jimmy method.

Remember that a Jimmy method is a guide and if anything is going to go sideways, it is going to go sideways when you’re trying to stick to a plan. So think of this as a helpful guide, rather than the method rules!

Rules for use

Speaking of rules… here’s some non-negotiable rules for using the method! Bending these undermines the value of the method and there are very few situations that would warrant compromising on these.

Ya know, don’t run with scissors and all that.


These aren’t as non-negotiable as the rules, but wherever possible, these are best to follow when using the method in the wild.

Tips & tricks

Stuck or want to level up your use of the method? Here’s a list of some of the more helpful tips we’ve uncovered when using this method.

Basically it’s a “I wish someone told me” list for the method.

Common issues

Stuff goes wrong all the time. Here’s what is most likely to go wrong with this method (along with some advice on how to avoid getting tripped).

Mostly curated from witnessing junior BAs stumble on the exact same things we stumbled on when first trying the method in the wild.


Concrete examples are super helpful. So here are some! Only included on some methods. Like a bonus entry.

Related methods

Methods sometimes work well with other methods so we’ve linked those that do.

You’re very welcome 😉.